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social sciences

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Libraries and Archives  
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All too often, relatives of a deceased person discard memorabilia with glbtq interest. To prevent this from happening, individuals--before becoming incapacitated--should contact archivists in order to create clear instructions about transfer of their records. This also provides institutional staff with appropriate context for the donated materials.

In the absence of such arrangements, discovery of significant collections is left to serendipity. Having conservators who themselves are knowledgeable about glbtq culture is also helpful.

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For example, when lesbian archivist Linda Long began a new job at the University of Oregon she came across 30 unprocessed boxes marked "Jean and Ruth Mountaingrove" that turned out to be, in the words of Carolyn Gage, a "mother lode of lesbian culture."

These writings, images, and videotapes documented the Oregon rural lesbian communities of the 1970s, including material gathered by the Southern Oregon Country Lesbian Archival Project (SO CLAP!) spearheaded by Tee Corinne. Without the attention of a knowledgeable conservator, this history might have remained inaccessible for decades.


Probably the best assurance against future loss of glbtq records is their proliferation and duplication in different formats among multiple collections. Modern preservation methods, secure storage in brick-and-mortar facilities, and digitization are necessary, while the Internet also provides creative possibilities for exhibition and dissemination.

Most importantly, all segments of the queer population must recognize that their stories and images will continue to provide vital affirmations for future generations.

Ruth M. Pettis

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Veteran activist Lilli Vincenz, who commenced her activism before Stonewall, also collected thousands of documents about the movement for glbtq rights; donated to the Library Congress, they provide scholars an invaluable resource.


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