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Mixed-Orientation Marriages  
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A gay man I know divorced his wife and married his male partner but insisted on wearing his wedding band on his right hand to honor his first marriage to his wife.


Only recently has the topic of mixed-orientation marriages attracted much attention in the therapeutic community. Many therapists are unfamiliar with the particular dynamics of such marriages.

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While a number of resources are available to the gay or lesbian spouse who comes out, until recently the straight spouse could find little help in dealing with the feelings of shock, hurt, anger, powerlessness, grief, and self-blame that are typical reactions to learning that one's partner is gay or lesbian.

In 1986, however, PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) formed a task force for straight spouses of gay men and lesbians. Jane Vennard, former wife of a gay man, organized a cluster of regional contacts and a handful of support groups for wives and husbands whose mates had come out as gay or lesbian. Since then the Straight Spouse Network has grown to become an international organization devoted to supporting the heterosexual spouses of glbtq partners and mixed-orientation couples.

In addition to facilitating support groups, SSN also provides information about family issues and mixed-orientation marriages to professionals, community organizations, and the media.

The English website,, also provides information for married men who are gay or bisexual, as well as for their wives and partners.

Joe Kort

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