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Political Blogs  
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Prominent Bloggers

Among the most prominent gay political bloggers are individuals who have earned distinction for their political commentary or experience in the political arena or in the news media long before they began their blogging.

For example, Andrew Sullivan, former editor of The New Republic and current editor of The Atlantic, whose Daily Dish blog appears on The Atlantic website (Andrew, blogs about politics and news generally, but as an openly gay man, he frequently offers trenchant insight into glbtq issues. Known as a "thinking man's conservative," Sullivan proclaims his independence: "of no party or clique" is the motto on the Daily Dish masthead. One example of Sullivan's ability to make his points succinctly and memorably is when he observed in reference to President Obama's neglect of the promises he made to the glbtq community in the 2008 campaign that the "fierce urgency of now" has morphed into "the fierce urgency of whenever."

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Keith Boykin, a former official in the Clinton administration who edits The Daily Voice website, which aspires to be the leading destination for African American news and opinion, also maintains a blog,, in which he addresses political and social issues. Like Sullivan's, Boykin's interests are not exclusively glbtq politics, but he frequently addresses gay issues. An articulate and insightful writer, he brings to his commentary the perspective of an openly gay African American who has had extensive experience in politics.

David Mixner, a political strategist and fundraiser perhaps best known as a "friend of Bill [Clinton]" who ultimately broke with him for his neglect of gay rights issues, maintains a blog entitled Live from Turkey Hollow at Mixner, who brings a wealth of political experience and savvy to his blog, writes about a number of progressive issues, but most frequently about the glbtq movement for equality. He has emerged as a fierce critic of the Obama administration's failure to fulfill its promises to the glbtq community, particularly on repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act. He has been an equally fierce critic of the timidity of the gay movement establishment organizations.

Another leading blogger is John Aravosis, editor of, the progressive news blog. He and David Sudbay and Jason Rosenbaum blog regularly on gay issues there. Aravosis is a political consultant who specializes in using the Internet for politics. His political insights are often expressed in pithy, sometimes biting, observations. In addition to commenting on current events, his blog also frequently reports breaking news from Washington.

Rex Wockner, an accomplished reporter who has specialized in gay news for 25 years, also both comments and reports on his blog, Wockner ( One distinction of Wockner's blog is his interest in international as well as national news. He also reports and comments on local San Diego news.

Andy Towle, former editor of Genre, established the widely-read and influential blog Towleroad ( in 2003. While Towleroad includes blogs about entertainment and culture as well as glbtq news, the emphasis is on the latter. The blog is notable for the prevalence of videos and for featuring stories from obscure sources, as well as for breaking news.

Kate Clinton's blog Communikate ( is, as one might expect from the pioneering lesbian comedian, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. But Clinton is a political junkie and her humor is often based on current events. Hence, her blog frequently expresses her take on politics. Her postings--including especially her videos--are amusing, but they are also frequently illuminating as well.

With a decade's experience as an editor of gay publications including the Washington Blade and the Houston Voice, Chris Crain launched his blog Citizen Crain ( in 2006. Citizen Crain is distinguished by intelligent and informed commentary. Crain is also editor of GayNewsWatch (, a site that gathers glbtq news and blogs from across the web.

Veteran journalist Karen Ocamb, Los Angeles-based news editor at Frontiers Magazine, maintains, which offers both original reporting and astute political analysis, as well as other information of interest to glbtq readers. The blog is especially informative on California news and personalities.

New Bloggers

Some bloggers on glbtq political issues are not known for their personal experience as political analysts or journalists, but have emerged recently as astute commenters on glbtq issues. They may be said to exemplify a new activism in the glbtq movement for equality.

Pam Spaulding, for example, an African American lesbian with roots in New York City and North Carolina, established her blog, Pam's House Blend: An Online Magazine in the Reality-based Community ( in 2004 primarily to vent her frustrations over "the anti-gay state of the political landscape" and the faith-based attack on glbtq rights. Since then, it has grown into one of the most visited and trusted of glbtq political blogs.

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