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Political Blogs  
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Also launched in 2008, includes news and commentary on glbtq issues. A project of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which is dedicated to increasing the number of openly gay and lesbian elected officials, provides news about candidates and officials and campaigns, as well as interviews with endorsed candidates, in addition to more general glbtq political news and commentary.

The large aggregated news site, The Huffington Post (, founded by Arianna Huffington, and Kenneth Lerer, features a number of gay political bloggers. Founded in 2005, as a liberal alternative to conservative news sites such as The Drudge Report, The Huffington Post routinely publishes gay political comment by such occasional contributors as Harvey Fierstein, Joan Garry, Isobel White, John Ridley, and many others.

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A California communications specialist, and one-half of one of the 18,000 same-sex couples who were married in the Golden State before Proposition 8, White is a particularly engaging writer who is able to make vividly personal the issue of same-sex marriage. Similarly, Joan Garry, former executive director of GLAAD, who also blogs on her own site (, and for The Washington Blade (, often focuses on issues that affect her own family.

Originally founded by Bil Browning in 2004 but relaunched nationally in 2007, the Bilerico Project: An Experiment in LGBTQ ( is the Web's largest glbtq group blog, now featuring over 50 distinct bloggers who address all sorts of issues from a variety of perspectives. While news and politics are not the Project's exclusive subjects, they tend to predominate, as the blogs are often written in response to current events. What is most interesting about the site is the diversity of its contributors, many of whom are young activists outside large gay centers.

Another group blog is Lez Get Real: A Gay Girl's View on the World ( Featuring dozens of regular and guest bloggers of all ages and circumstances, the site offers commentary on politics, issues, and events that affect the glbtq communities. Although the bloggers reflect lesbian perspectives, the audience is conceived as "everyone" on the theory that everyone can benefit from "a gay girl's view on the world."

The Trans Group Blog ( gathers a variety of voices from within the trans community. Commenting on news and sharing information, bloggers such as Jennifer Finney Boylan, Marti Abernathey, Lena Dahlstrom, and many others discuss trans issues and offer trans perspectives on political and cultural topics.

The Independent Gay Forum ( posts blogs (often originally published elsewhere) from gay conservative contributors, such as Bruce Bawer, John Corvino, Dale Carpenter, James Kirchick, Eric Marcus, Jennifer Vanasco, and Norah Vincent. The Forum's goal is to support the inclusion of gays and lesbians in civil society, while rejecting "progressive" claims that gays and lesbians should support radical social change.

The progressive blog includes a separate section on gay rights ( presided over by Michael A. Jones, the communications director for the Human Rights Program at Harvard University. In addition to commentary on the news, the site urges readers to take action on particular projects each week.

Specialized Blogs

Some blogs specialize in a particular subject rather than in glbtq politics generally. For example, a number of blogs concentrate on marriage equality. These range from UniteTheFight! (, which in addition to posting original commentary on the subject usefully brings together a great deal of information from all over the Web about marriage equality; and Proposition 8 and the Right to Marry (, which is maintained by law librarian Michael Gonsberg; to susanberland (, the blog of a marriage activist and mother of a gay son from San Rafael, California.

The Servicemen's Legal Defense Network sponsors Frontlines, The SLDN Blog (, on which many members of the network blog about the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy and its prospects for repeal.

Among the most useful specialized political blogs is Dana Rudolph's Mombian ( Rudolph founded Mombian in 2005 in order to provide "sustenance" to lesbian mothers by providing parenting advice, book reviews, and political news and commentary related to gay and lesbian parenting.

Another specialized blog is (, founded in 2004 as Gay Spirituality & Culture to help create a shift in gay culture toward greater self-love, wisdom, affirmation, and spirituality. Inasmuch as gay spiritual concerns also often have political dimensions, many of the bloggers on comment on political as well as religious questions.

Chris Geidner's blog Law Dork ( and Nan Hunter's blog hunter of justice ( concentrate on legal subjects. Geidner is an attorney who writes about judicial appointments and lawsuits among other issues; Hunter is a lesbian activist and professor at Georgetown University Law School who is interested in the intersections of sexuality and gender and the law.

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