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Portland, Oregon  
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Although the constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage was passed statewide by 57% of the voters, in Portland the amendment was rejected by 60% of the voters.

Following an attempt that failed in 2005, the Oregon legislature adopted a domestic partnership law in 2007. After the OCA was unable to secure sufficient signatures to force a referendum to repeal the law, the Oregon Family Fairness Act went into effect in February 2008; it makes virtually all of the rights and responsibilities of marriage available to same-sex couples.

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Glbtq Portland Today

The Portland queer community is remarkably diverse. Not only is Portland said to be a mecca for lesbians, it also includes a large and active population of glbtq Mormons.

Political groups such as Basic Rights Oregon work to fight conservative opposition, while cultural groups, such as the Rosetown Ramblers Square Dance Club, the Portland Lesbian Choir, and the Rose City Gay Freedom Band contribute to community building.

Groups such as Transactive and Getting Bi offer support for and bisexual Portlanders, and the Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Resource Center (SMYRC) provides support for queer youth. Love Makes a Family is an organization that works to support gay and lesbian families in Portland, offering programs for both parents and children.

Other venues for queer networking include the Just Out gay community newspaper and the In Other Words feminist bookstore and community center.

Appropriate for a city that prides itself on its athleticism and love of the outdoors, Portland boasts a number of queer teams, groups, and leagues in a variety of sports, from basketball to kayacking and running to softball and volleyball.

The city boasts numerous gay and lesbian bars, coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, and other queer-owned or queer-friendly venues.

Glbtq pride is celebrated in Portland not only with the annual Portland Gay Pride Parade, which attracts tens of thousands of Portlanders and visitors, but also with the Portland Gay Latino Pride Festival and the Portland Gay Pride Waterfront Festival.

Numerous ordinances and regulations protect Portlanders from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

In 2004, openly gay Oregon politician Sam Adams was elected to the Portland City Council where he served until 2008, when he was elected mayor. He thus became the first gay man elected Mayor of a large American city.

Running against 12 other candidates, Adams won election with 58% of the vote. Soon after becoming Mayor, however, Adams acknowledged that he had had an affair with a young intern in 2007. He apologized for having lied about the affair during the campaign, but denied that the intern was underage when the affair was consummated.

He was ultimately exonerated of inappropriate behavior, and two attempts to recall him failed to gather sufficient signatures to qualify for the ballot. Although Adams survived the calls for his resignation, there is no doubt that the scandal tarnished his reputation as "the Great Gay Hope" in Oregon politics.

As Mayor, Adams has promoted environmental issues, especially clean technology and sustainable urban development, transportation development, support of the arts, and gun control.

Tina Gianoulis

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