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Some people opined that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) should ban Russia from the 2014 Games--whether or not they were held in Sochi--for violating Rule 50 of the Olympic Charter, which provides for the exclusion of countries that infringe upon human rights.

However, the IOC showed no willingness to tackle this issue. Chairman Jean-Claude Killy of France stated, "The IOC doesn't really have the right to discuss the laws in the country where the Olympic Games are organized. As long as the Olympic Charter is respected, we are satisfied, and that is the case."

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In fact, in the past the IOC has banned countries including the Republic of South Africa Rhodesia (for their discriminatory racial policies) and Afghanistan (for its denial of rights to women).

Seeing no sign of any support from the IOC, advocates for glbtq rights have called upon corporate sponsors of the Sochi Games either to withdraw their support or to use the opportunity to speak up for equal rights.]

Daniel D. Healey

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