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social sciences

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Takano, Mark (b. 1970)  
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Among those supporting him were openly gay Representatives Barney Frank of Massachusetts and Jared Polis of Colorado, both of whom hosted fund-raising events.

Takano stated to Chris Johnson of the Washington Blade that it saddened him that Frank would not be among his congressional colleagues if he won election since the estimable Massachusetts legislator had decided to retire. In a quip acknowledging Frank's witty and forthright manner, he added, "I really hoped as the first openly gay member of Congress who is a person of color that I [would] get to serve with the openly gay member of Congress who's the most colorful."

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The 41st Congressional District was generally considered Democratic-leaning, but Republicans targeted it as a potentially winnable seat since their candidate, long-term Riverside County Supervisor John Tavaglione, was something of a moderate, having refused to sign on to activist Grover Norquist's categorical pledge never to raise taxes and also having a certain record of reaching across the aisle while working in county government.

Early on, it appeared that the race might be close, but Takano's support grew steadily, and on election day he trounced his opponent by more than 17 percent.

In his campaign, Takano was out and proud and unambiguous in his support for glbtq rights. He was pleased, however, that the tactics of the previous races were not employed this time around, itself a sign that homosexuality was no longer a potent "wedge issue."

Takano was thus able to give attention to a wider range of issues, including education, air quality, the welfare of senior citizens, the high unemployment rate in the district, and his differences with the Republicans over the budget advanced by their national ticket.

Linda Rapp

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