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Transsexuals of Brazil  
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There are relatively few activist groups in Brazil that encompass the whole range of alternative sexualities and genders. Within these mixed groups, transsexuals tend to distinguish themselves from transvestites, hence the increasing use of the term "GLBTT"--Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transvestite, and Transsexual--rather than the acronym most familiar in the United States, "GLBT"--Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender, where "Transgender" is used as an umbrella term.

Despite being included in Brazil's acronym in the struggle for glbtq rights, transgender people receive little outreach from the more mainstream gay and lesbian groups. There are, however, associations of transgender people in several Brazilian states and cities.

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One program in Rio de Janeiro focuses on the reintegration of transvestites into society through training and employment opportunities.

Emotional Life

The dire political and social situation of transgender people in Brazil could gradually be alleviated if more transgender people qualified as doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. However, in addition to the discrimination that limits their education, most transvestites seem unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary to obtain higher education. They seem to believe that to do so would also mean sacrificing the most important years of their lives as beautiful women.

The combined effects of discrimination, humiliation, lack of education, and isolation from mainstream society place enormous emotional strain on Brazil's transgender people, especially those who earn their living as sex workers. They tend to live for the present, in the belief that their beauty will not last long and in the knowledge that prospects for a decent life beyond 30 are extremely limited.

The pressures to succumb to drug abuse and criminality are enormous, but transgender people are also especially vulnerable to contracting AIDS and to falling into cynicism and despair. Avoiding these pitfalls demands remarkable courage and strength of character.

Barry Michael Wolfe

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