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Whipple, Diane (1968-2001)  
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On March 21, 2002, the jurors found the defendants guilty of all charges--Knoller of second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, and having a mischievous animal that killed a person; Noel of the last two offenses.

Three months later, Noel was sentenced to four years in prison, but with time served, he was released in September 2003. He was disbarred by California in February 2007.

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At Knoller's sentencing hearing in June 2002, Hammer asked her to apologize to Smith, but Knoller remained silent.

Judge James Warren called Noel and Knoller "the most hated people in San Francisco" and described Knoller as "a liar" and "despicable." He went on, however, to shock those in court--and, indeed, the millions across the nation who had been following the case--by throwing out the second-degree murder conviction on the grounds that Knoller "did not know, with absolute certainty" that her dog would kill a person when and where it did.

With the charges reduced, Knoller was also sentenced to four years imprisonment. Upon her release in January 2004, she moved to Florida to stay with her parents. She resigned from the California Bar in January 2007.

After a long series of appeals by both Knoller and the District Attorney's office, the matter went before the California Supreme Court, which ruled unanimously on May 31, 2007 that the case should be sent back to Superior Court for consideration of restoring the jury's verdict of guilty on the charge on second-degree murder.

Judge Warren having retired, a different judge, Charlotte Woolard, was appointed to decide whether or not to reinstate the murder conviction, which carries a penalty of fifteen years to life in prison.

On August 22, 2008, Judge Woolard reinstated the second-degree murder conviction. A month later she sentenced Knoller to the maximum sentence of fifteen years to life in prison, and also fined her $10,000 and ordered her to pay $6,800 out of her prison earnings in restitution to Smith.

In rejecting a defense lawyer's request for probation, Judge Woolard remarked that the horrific circumstances of the crime far outweighed Knoller's previous crime-free record.

Knoller will be credited with the nearly three years she was imprisoned for manslaughter. She will be eligible for parole in about 10 years.

After the sentencing hearing, Sharon Smith declared that more than seven years after "the worst day of my life and the last day of Diane's life, finally there is some justice."

Linda Rapp

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